Increased efficiency: The power is not wasted in friction (from the belt, chain, etc, and especially, gearboxes.)

Reduced noise:

Being a simpler device, a direct-drive mechanism has fewer parts which could vibrate, and the overall noise emission of the system is usually lower.

Longer lifetime:

Having fewer moving parts also means having fewer parts prone to failure. Failures in other systems are usually produced by aging of the component (such as a stretched belt), or stress.

Faster and precise positioning:

High torque and low inertia allows faster positioning times on permanent magnet synchronous servo drives. Feedback sensor directly on rotary part allows precise angular position sensing.

Drive stiffness:

Mechanical backlash, hysteresis and elasticity is removed avoiding use of gearbox or ball screw mechanisms

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Front Loading Washing

They are much more environmentally friendly. The amount of water, detergent and electricity they use is smaller than that used by a top loader. A typical front loading washing machine can use half the water of an equivalent sized top loader.

Fully automatic
Better washing than top loading as technologically proofed.
No extra effort except putting cloths and detergent inside.
No need to observe..

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A simple top loader washing machine has been the favorite in the home. Top loading washing machines are fairly simple in their operation. All you have to do is open the top of the washing machine, dump your dirty laundry down into the tumbler, and close the lid. Generally, you�ll find a few different knobs on your top loading washing machine. One will set the load size (small or large, generally); another will set the water (cold, hot, or warm); and the final knob, the one with the most options, will let you set the various washing options (permanent press, extra-dirty, etc.).

A top loading washing machine does not have some of the issues that the newer, more modern front loading washing machines have.
A top loading washing machine is often cheaper than a front loading machine

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Semi Auto Washing

Almost all the manufacturers of washing machines provide a good range of semi automatic washing machines.Semi auto washing machines are so easy to use/handle that anybody can operate it without much hassle. One can set the time of the washer and the dryer with the in build timer. A buzzer is attached to both the wash-tub and the spin-tub to indicate the end of the set time. The buzzer lets the user know that the clothes are ready for rinsing if they are in wash tub and for sun-drying if they are in spin tub. These semi-automatic washing machines can perform both wash and spin functions simultaneously, of course for different lots, thus saving time and power.

A semi auto washing machine is manufactured with outer and inner anti-rust body to prevent everyone from electrical-shocks.

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